Marraige and Family


Been feeling very nostalgic lately...

Here is my Nanna (grandmother) and Pap (grandfather, rip)

they were still just dating in this photo.
they got married when she was 18, a week later he went off to war in Japan and didnt come home for two years.
they remained married and bore 3 children until my pap passed 11 years ago.

My Nanna is beautiful, funny, sarcastic, feminine, a true lady in a down to earth manner.
My Pap was bald on top, just the funny ring of hair around the sides and back!
But he had funny little strays on the top, and I used to pluck one each time i saw him and put them in the microwave.
dont ask why, but I thought it was the funniest thing ever!


She looked so pretty in that dress. I contemplated wearing it at my wedding, but it would of been way too hot, and I dont think I was as little:) I still have the dress and the jacket my dad wore.

My mother passed away just shy of two years ago, Jan 25 of 07, from breast cancer.
She was my best friend, my soul mate.
She was the ulitmate earth mother, gardener, people lover, positive, caring, giving, understanding, beautiful, insecure at times, dreamer, romantic, into everything.
She had so many hobbies lined up and hardly any of them ever got accomplished. She was always so busy with the business and pleasing everyone else. She never gave herself enough time to just be.
She taught me so many things about life. She taught me how to be open, how to understand forgivness, how to love the earth, and how to nurture people.

My dad and I have been forming a new relationship since this. It has been interesting and evolutionary.
She is lost still.
I am hoping he finds his way soon.
I love him so much.

He has taught me independence, how to take care of what i have, humor, and that we all beat to a different drummer.


My favorite photo from our wedding day.
It was the perfect wedding.
Everything handmade and prepared with love and craftiness!
Including my dress:)

My husband James is amazing.
We have gone through alot in just two years.
But we have seen it all through and stuck by each other.
I have learned through him what true love means.
I did used to think it was a fairytale of some sort.
But you must work at, remain open, forgive, remember the small things, and never stop pursuing each other.
Being so close with one person and promising yourself to them, you realize just how human we all are. You sacrifice some of your past, or your habits, or your desires, so that you can love that person wholey. If you are elsewhere in your heart, you cannot be together wholey. But if you are smart, you will learn from your past, the only constant in this world is change, so make that change for yourself.

James is my rock, my support, my snuggle, my best smell, my warmth, my home.


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