Nothing but a rant

Okay, I totally just need to RANT!


I have been frustrated since last night. Everything I have set out to do either gets messed up, takes wayyy to long, or I have to redo it. My blog got all messed up and now I am going to have to fix it. I am in the middle of designing a calendar, half way through, and realize I did the dates wrong on most of them, now I have to redo them! Stupid little errors.

I woke up not feeling well. About to start my period. I know that is half the reason I am feeling this way. I cried most of today. Of all the good in my life, I hate it when it only takes one little thing said to bring me into a spiraling mess of tears.

Then I read a fellow bloggers post about her dad's suicide and blubbered all over my sandwich.

Its just one of those days. Sorry to be such a bummer, I thought it just felt good to write it out!

{I am super excited about this calendar, I hope everyone loves it!}