Peace, Be Still

I wish words fell of my tounge the way they do my friend Reneas'. Her intimacy with w.o.r.d.s. playing with each other and dancing around excite me.

Maybe one day she will delight us with a book of poetry...

I am going to make one of these. I have seen so many garlands that I think are quite lovely, but this one excited me to no end. Its flawless.

I am in the midst of nesting for the holidays. Its funny, I dont usually get THIS crazy and excited, but this year something makes me YEARN for nothing more than a cozy HOME, a thought provoked HANDMADE environment, a SANCTUARY for my little family. And I am really beginning to WISH my little family would GROW one. In due time...

Umm, can you say DREAM couch???

I have a JACKET that matches this couch, come to think of it, a PURSE too! Funny, didnt I say a few blogs ago that I dont like the color BLUE??? I guess I do in VELVET!

I love EVERYTHING in this room.


or maybe a HAMMOCK from the ceiling, that would be DREAMY...


I am beyond CONTENT at this moment, and I am BATHING in it. Its been a LONG while since Ive felt this way. It feels so good.

I watched Amelie again tonite. This always puts me in this mood I think. So in LOVE with Audrey Tautou (sp)... And all the little JEWELS in this movie.

Now I am listening to FRENCH music on PANDORA.

One of my favorite french artists is Coralie Clement, check her out. I love to listen to her cd while laying in the BATHTUB.

I just made BLUEBERRY muffins, the house smells YUMMY.
I am enjoying COOKING things lately. I think its part of the HOME thing.

I made a TON of jewelry for my local shops. I wish so bad I had duplicates of them all to put in my ETSY shop, I am so happy with them. I may need to order some more stuff and make some just for the shop! First, I need to SELL some more things! But I DONT want to think about that right now...

I feel a sensitivity to the deeper side right now, as if I can feel my mother's arms around me. And it feels nice, not sad.