Christmas Part 1

I just threw on my Joni Mitchell vinyl to sing to while I post this X mas blog!
Always reminds me of singing with my mom.
Perfect album for this time of year.

Joni Mitchell

go get it!

So, one more stocking and Im done! Yes, it is christmas eve! They have taken me forever to finish!
Two of my favorite ornaments. I made the sequin one in school, I must of been in about 2nd grade? The horse my mom painted, I just love it. Among so many others, every other ornament I have is my FAVORITE! They are all meaningful, mostly handmade, family ornaments. I wouldnt have it any other way!
It is so hard to get a good picture in my house of my tree, it is so dark in my house!
These adorable little yellow shoes are my 2009 ornament from Anthropologie. James started a tradition where I get to get one ornament from there every year! So, this is my second one! I love them so much. They were the first one I saw and said, this! This is the one I want!
Wow, my house turned Christmasy all of a sudden! James parents got us that funny santa claus! he has shades on and is holding an electric guitar, its suppose to be the guy from ZZ Top! Too funny! I put my christmas cards up on the dresser, Ive never done that before! And the presents doubled over the last day or so since I started wrapping them! There are only two store bought items down there!
Some details of James presents to me, I think its so cute when he takes the time to write me notes and draw pictures!
Look at this cute little sewing machine he drew! He is so excited to give me this present! He even wrapped it in some of my material from my craft room!
Today I am printing last minute calendar orders!

And I am about to attempt the Pumpkin Roll! Im kind of nervous!

I am one of the sponsers this month on FRECKLED NEST and she is having her monthly giveaway! So much good stuff this time, go check out her blog and enter the giveaway!

And dont forget to enter my GIVEAWAY if you havent already! I think I am going to end it on Christmas! I will present the winner most likely the next day!

I have so much to share, but I am going to break up all of this Christmas Craziness in a few blogs, so that is all for now!

Ill post later about some of the most amazing gifts that James and I exchanged last night!