Feeling The Blues

This is how I am feeling today.

I can hardly explain it. I almost wish I was sick so I could have an excuse just to lay in bed all day and do nothing. But I cant make myself do that. Running my own business, I feel like I have to keep on keepin on...I know how my mother felt now. I know I should allow myself some breaks to just be, but I feel guilty. Especially knowing James is at work, working hard, I should be too. I guess I am just feeling the stress of working hard, making money, and then having it all go out the door as soon as its made on bills. I can hardly remember the last time I bought something for myself 'just because I liked it'. If I ever have extra money, I make myself spend it on supplies for my business. But more than anything, I feel really anxious, and I cant explain why. Maybe weve been watching way too much CSI and Criminal Minds...Its like Im waiting to be attacked from around the corner, I know this sounds silly. I just feel really funny today. I dont know why.

Maybe I need to start making some real art again, I mean like paintings and such. I have not done anything but jewelry and crafty things for so long now. I love that stuff, dont get me wrong, I love what I do. I hope I dont sound like a downer! Im just having a feeling, it will pass, like most feelings do.

I am about to add this cute birdie necklace to my etsy shop...

I am featured in a nice interview on The Someday Blog

She did a really nice 3 question interview and picked out some really lovely photo choices!
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It will be well worth your time!


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