Handmade dress, 365, Style School

I made this dress quite a while back, but I finally decided to post it in my shop today!
Go to my shop to see better details:

To get you up to date on the 365 project:

If you look to your right you will see a link to see the project any time! And also my butterfly series project, these are both on going series, so check back daily!

And STYLE SCHOOL started today!
I worked a bunch on my Style File, so those of you that are in class, you can see my up-to-date photos on the RVA flickr pool!

Coming Soon

I will be announcing a community project very soon, just getting some details together!!!


I get to go to the craft store tomorrow!

I will get more yarn, hopefully they will have some pretty pink colors, our craft stores kind of suck. I see everyones beautiful yarn colors, and I get jealous!

Does anyone have a good recommendation for online yarn buying???