Wish there was snow to go with my hat!

I finished my hat from Elsies DIY Snow Day Hat tutorial:

So, as you can see, I am loving crocheting still!
So, for the past few days I felt myself trying to get sick again, mostly just coughing which was giving me headaches, and now today, it struck! It all just started pouring out from no where! I think I have blown my nose 1,000 times in the past few hours. My face is all red and I have to let my mouth hang open to breath, argghhh! I seriously woke up feeling better this morning and was very excited to get back with it! Oh well...

I tried sitting down to make some more jewelry, with a tiny success. But, I was thinking about watching my favorite movie, Youve Got Mail, and before I could decide I was flipping through TV shows and it was on TV! It was destined! I know just about every line in the movie, but it never gets old.

That part where she is decorating the christmas tree and quotes the Joni Mitchell song and talks about how she misses her mother, I always related to that part, but now more than ever. And now I have that line tattooed on my arm!

I do miss my mom, so very much. I try not to talk about it too much, if I talked about it as much as I felt it, that is all you would hear. Well, in between all of the other good stuff at least! In 9 days it will have already been 2 years since she has been gone. I dont even understand time when it comes to that. Sometimes it feels like forever ago, but more often than not it feels like it is it just right behind us. I have been able to put alot of the hard parts behind me, the things you only ever know about if you have been around someone who is dying. Every now and then things flash in my mind that just seem unreal and it breaks my heart knowing my mom had to go through those things. But luckily those things come and then go away from my mind. I have her smiling pictures around me at all times, her warmth surrounds me. I just wish I could hug her and smell her. I wish I could show her all of my art like I used to. I wish I could call her when I need to know how to cook something. I am fortunate to have beautiful people in my life that I can do those things with, I just wish it could be her sometimes.

"Wish I had a river I could skate away on"
-Joni Mitchell

I am going to surprise James with chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes when he gets home tonite! I cant wait!

Check my last blog for an amazing QUILT FOR LOVE project I am doing that I need YOUR help with!