Pennythreads GIVEAWAY!

So, I know Ive mentioned this lovely lady before, but now she is having an awesome GIVEAWAY on her blog!

She happens to be a lovely friend of mine here in the hill country, I am blessed to have found her in this one horse town. Not only is she an amazing artist, but she is a bubbly, beautiful, intelligent, poetic, amazing person. I highly recommend supporting this girl.

She is just starting out with her etsy shop and her blog, so go show some love to both!

Here are just a few of my favorite things from her, but she does amazing paintings, prints, jewelry and cool wooden boxes as well.

I am not going to give it away, you must go visit her blog to see the goodies she is giving away, I just have to say the scarf is AMAZING!

She has links to her shop on the blog!

Just so you know, she painted this amazing portrait of me! You can get a personalized painting from her!!! She is amazing!
Here I am sporting my favorite neck cowl from her!
So go now, send some love!

Ill be back later with a post of my new adorable shirts and jewelry!