Thank you Sun, now my bum hurts...

Today my world was directed as a result of the sun.

I have been waiting for the rain to let up enough to move a huge table from my dads house for my craft room. And today was the day! So I just spent the last 8, yes, 8 hours non-stop cleaning and and re-arranging my craft room. I have absolutely no idea how I fit so much back there! Just to empty the wall that the desk needed to be in, I pulled everything into my house and it took up the kitchen and living room! EEEK!

I almost didnt think I was going to survive! By the time I was almost done I could barely walk my tailbone hurt so bad! But I plugged through and did it! Just a few loose ends and clean up tomorrow.

I wish I could say it is my dream craft room, but it is just a make do with what I have in what space I have sort of thing. But that is okay, its all I need. But I do dream of pink walls and organized cubby holes and cute spool holders and such...

So, needless to say, I did not get my jewelry photographed as planned, so nothing new uploaded today, hopefully tomorrow. Although, I think it is suppose to freeze tonite and I take my photos outside, so if its not too cold!

I think I need to go soak in the bathtub for like two hours! AAAAH!

I have gotten really behind on everyones blog the past few days from being busy, so Im sorry if I havent left any comments for you lovelies!

Ill try to get some photos of the craft room tomorrow too. It feels so good to get that out of the way, its been bothering me for so long. The desk made all the difference.

Big Love.