Lookbook ideas, Picnic, Headband, Ruche, Giveaway!!!

Thank you to everyone who showed so much love to my kitty in my last post! Without her Violet Bella (well at least the name) would not exist!

Okay, so I want to create a LookBook for Violet Bella really bad, I adore the one on RUCHE.COM, something along those lines, the way that it is set up I mean, like a flipbook. If anyone can help me figure out where to make one, I would so appreciate the help. I signed up for lookbook.nu, but its like there is a waiting list for approval. I have all of these ideas in my head and I want to do them!

These are older images of mine (no stealing) most of you have probably already seen, but I put them together into diptych's similar to what I want to do for the project.

If you missed the EXCITING NEWS, check back a few posts to see about Violet Bella being on RUCHE.COM, a site you must see for adorable and affordable clothing and accessories. I am so excited to be a part of such a cool site, and I just found out that I will be contributing more lovely pieces soon. *SWOONING WITH EXCITEMENT*

check the site out here:

today before james left for work we had a mini picnic in the backyard. i didnt take alot of photos, but the sun was shining, it was the perfect weather, it felt so nice, really made me get a taste of sweet summer. I cant wait to play in the sun! I am going to make a little outdoor tent this year to read my books under when its too hot, or just to play in with Bella!

Our cheddar bunnies tried eating my sandwich! They formed a colony like a line of ants!
And I got a photo of my headband on my, not on my plastic model Moon, not that she is any less important, she has been my model for years! For those of you who do not know Moon, she is my legless, armless mannequin, she loves to play dress up with Violet Bella. She used to model my jewelry for me in a local shop where she fell in love with a boy, another local artist and he made her a bra made of coconut shells and wrote her love letters. Im sure she misses those days, now she is stuck inside with me!

Find this headband here, and see Moon:

Very excited for tomorrow, I will be helping my lovely friend Renea from Pennythreads vamp up her new craft room! I cant wait for her to have her own space, she deserves it! I cooked up a little something special for her, Ill post pics later so I dont spoil anything.

She is having an awesome giveaway right now, its her first one, so go show some love, it ends on the 6th, only 2 more days!!!

I have some things I must go attend to, sorry I am so behind on reading everyone's blogs right now, this week has just been super busy, Ill get there though!