Spring Home Inspiration

The first little glimpses of spring keep shining through the leaves, the birds feel, the grass and flowers are reaching up towards it, only for it to become cold or rainy again, and then start back over. Texas just cannot make up its mind.

I have spent most of my days so far cooped up in my little house working. I cannot wait to get outside and PLAY! I want to get my garden started, and wear spring dresses, although I dont really have any I love at the moment, and have picnics.

James and I keep dreaming about building a home one day. I always save images that inspire me when I see them, usually they are home or craft room inspirations. Either for color, theme or design building layouts.

Here are a few images that speak to me and are inspired by this time of year, Spring.

*all images were found at iheartit.com, flickr, or other blogs, none of these photos are mine*

Ahhh, makes me want to paint everything, I wish so bad I did not live in a rent home where I cant paint the walls! These images just bring a huge smile to my face.

When I do get my own home, I will not be afraid to use color or decorate just how I want to. No boring home for me! Nope!

Im off to add some new goodies to the shop!