Spring Photoshoot and new Flickr

Today is a rainy day, and I am waiting patiently for spring to blossom. There are a few Dogwood trees that have sprouted the most beautiful petals amidst the rather sullen and dead sticks and limbs around them. Although, there is beauty in that too. Each season holds it own in the realm of beauty, its just in how you look at it.

These photos below (some you have seen) were from a day at the river with James, I went through and edited some more, finally... The were taken in the Fall, but with the lighting and the processing it is like the perfect blend between Autumn and Spring. What a perfect combination!

This is where I will be taking the lovely Shauna from Poor Pitiful Pearl, and her beautiful family for a photoshoot. Hopefully we can catch the right time of day and get some shots like these, that is what I envision at least, you never know from day to day what the light will be like, you just have to go with it.

Last night I created a new Flickr account. I will be using it for just my art photography, so I most likely wont be on my other account much anymore. Ill create a button link for it on the blog soon, but for now, visit this link and show some love, and add me as a contact!

It sucks to have to start all over from the beginning and lose all of my comments and followers, but this time it will be so much more organized and coherent. My other one is just full of randomness, so if I ever want to uploads crafts or family photos, Ill still use that account.

List of things going on this week:
photo shoot at Gunslinger
House cleaning and herbs in Tarpley
My Nanna and Sabe getting married!!!!!!!!!!
Dick Dale concert with my dad
starting a new order for Ruche.com

I finally finished all of my sewing custom orders for the time being which is a huge wait off my shoulders!

I am looking forward to starting a new lookbook for spring, I feel like time is running out on it. I cant decide if I want to be the model or if I should just use friends... Or a bit of both...