Just a few thoughts

Fake tears. Thats what I feel right now. Do you ever feel down or frustrated about a situation and you just want to cry, but you cant. Thats how I feel today.

I love my work, I love my creative freedom, I love pretty much everything about my job, the long days, all of it. But every so often, when you run your own business, you stumble across points where you have to make decisions that are hard, and learn to stand up for yourself. Choices that will lead your business in a certain direction, either personal and ethical, or running other people down just so you can do it all and be on top. I personally choice the first. The older I get, and the more I learn about my own work and creativity, the more I realize what I was meant to do, and in what ways. Always, in business, I take it personal first. If any of you have seen Youve Got Mail, you know when Meg Ryan is all upset about Tom Hanks always saying, 'its not personal, its business', and then she finally says, 'anything that's worth anything, ought to begin with being personal'... I have always loved that line, and believe it to be so true. (and yes, maybe Ive seen that movie too many times) :) But to me, part of my business is building personal relationships with my customers, and my fellow artisans. I love knowing little details of where my things are being shipped to, to me that makes it that much more special. And I have made so many wonderful friends along the way.

I am just ranting a bit, I guess also doing alot of thinking about my beliefs that back up what I do. I believe in the beauty of the creative process. I do agree that we all as artists inspire each other, and pull inspiration from each other, but I believe in being true to yourself. I believe in personal and spiritual growth through what you are doing. I believe your soul must speak when you are creating something, or it is not truly what you should be doing. I believe in not doing what others do just because you think you can make some money doing it. I believe in everything my mom taught me. And from the strength of my father, I am learning to stand up when I need to, the my mother never could.

To all of my artist and crafting friends out there, always be true to yourself. No matter what.