Family and Friends :)

This has been an event filled weekend so far! Picture Heavy!!! I could have uploaded a million more, but I tried to keep it concise.

Me and my love from a few days ago. I cant remember where we were going now... but it was the first time in a while I snapped a pic of us on the way out the door, I usually try to do this. Im silly, I know...

Me and my bestie, Shelley, on our way to go see her sister's art show in Uvalde. It was a lot of fun and Im so glad I got to spend that time with Shelley. Between me working Violet Bella, and her raising two kids, our time is limited these days. We chatted non stop the whole way there and they whole way home.

And I officially decided that her and I are the perfect pair for best friends.

Yesterday morning was her son Xavier's first birthday party. It was soooo much fun. They just got a new pool so all of the kids swam and had a blast. I think it was the best bday party yet!

This is her daughter Isabel, whom I am utterly in love with. She is the most beautiful little girl I know.

And I love her little smile. She has quite a few different smiles, usually they are all silly.

Momma and the big boy!

i love his lips :)

and i thought this pic of his little hand was just precious.

ha ha, his zoo hat!

and this is my favorite pic of the whole day, omg i love it! he had such a good time.

and this is Elijah, an old friends newest little one.

me and Xavier :)

Then, last night we went to my nanna's house. My brother flew home to be here for father's day. So we had an impromptu spagetti dinner. My nanna's spagetti is my favorite. i could eat my weight in it.

And to my surprise when I looked out the window I saw this big birthday banner and realized they were also doing a little bday thing for me! (my bday is next friday) and nanna and sabe got me a new grill! i couldnt believe. Sabe overheard me talking to my dad the last time we were there about how i wanted a grill but wasnt sure if i could get one... and got sneaky on me and got one! I am so excited. My aunts and cousins also got me everything I need for it, the tongs and spatulas, a lighter, lighter fluid and even a bag of coals! I can now say that I got a bag of coals for my birthday, how awesome is that!!! I love it, it is just the one I wanted! I am allllll ready for my party now!

bag 'o' coals :)

my brother :)

and his little one who learned to use the doggy door!

i played my cousin emily a game of chicken foot. she loves this game and wants to play it everytime we are over there!

me and james :)

kiss kiss.

me and my nanna. i love her so much, my favorite woman alive. for real. i look up to her so much.

and this was what the amazing sky was doing on our drive home. too bad we were still in the city!

Happy Fathers Day to anyone who is a daddy :)