The most SPECIAL dress in the world.

The best birthday gift I ever bought myself :)

This is my new patchwork "Im a good mommy" top from Shauna at Poor Pitiful Pearl. It was a custom order, you can order one here... Not just like mine of course, its a one of a kind with all of my own fabrics!

Every single piece of this dress is a piece of my soul. I sent her my most special scraps I have...

First, funny story about the towel part on the bodice... we were at a garage sale and I saw this rag sitting on the fence... my eyes popped out from the beauty of it. I asked the guy how much, and he laughed and said, that's not for sale! Thats an old rag, you dont want that, its filthy! And I said, oh yes I do, I can wash it! He just chuckled and gave it to me, he thought it was so funny. So, I brought it home and it cleaned up nicely, and now it is a part of my oh so special dress :)

The balls were from an old curtain I found at goodwill, not personally special, but now they are! I just love them so much.

On the right, the green bandana was my momma's and the green and brown floral print was from a handmade napkin my nanna made for my wedding.

Each patch came from either my mom's old materials, my dad's old work shirt, my baby clothes, my shirts from high school, my best friends shirt, my baby curtains, etc...

Look how she even used different materials for the tie holders! I love every detail, Shauna is amazing!

One of my favorite parts is how she used the pocket from my dad's old work shirt and it has paint on it! I love it! Ever since I can remember, my dad seems to have paint on everything he owns... the signs of a hard worker :)

Special in every way.

You will get pics soon of it on!!!

Shauna, I cannot thank you enough. This is seriously perfect. It is so me its unreal. My mom would flip out over it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.