Katelyn & Leena visit Violet Bella - Part I

Im back!

For the past week my friend Katelyn and her little girl Leena stayed with us at our house. I have been good friends with Katelyn for the past year online, and this was our first in person meet! We were both very excited and a bit nervous I think :) They got in super late the night before this. We helped unpack the car and then sat around chatting for a bit before we all went to bed.

The next morning I got to show Leena Violet dog pen, the garden and such. Pretty much first thing in the morning Leena asks for some kind of fruit, it is so cute. She had a peach this morning. This was on our way out to the post office.

Ha ha, she was making a funny face, but still so cute with her peach and her purse.
Katelyn and Leena both helped watert the garden.
I love Katelyn's hair red, it fits her so well. She wore her PPP dress :)
Leena became fascinated with the dirt and rocks, and I showed her what ant lions are, they had no idea about them! Leena destroyed an entire colony of them in a matter of seconds! And they all had rebuilt their tunnels by morning!
Leena's red boots. This girl wears these everywhere and with everything, so cute!
I picked my first green beans!
Leena learned how to open and close Violet's gate, which she loved doing pretty much the whole trip.
She also discoverd Violet's bed and decided to make it her own!!! We went to Goodwill earlier that day and Katelyn got her that little granny square quilt!
That night we went to the Wine and Cheese bar and Leena decided to really warm up to me, it was precious. There was noone else in the place, so we actually got to sit inside b/c there wasnt a bunch of ciggarette smoke or loud people, it was very nice. Our friend Alyssa hung out with us and Katelyn got to meet Jonny and my dad! A nice little visit.
Katelyn brought us some homeade blueberry syrup that she made and OMG it was to die for! She made it from berries she had hand picked. James and I both LOVED it!
She showed me how to make her oatmeal pancakes which were equally good and topped it off with ripe peaches, oh gosh, I wish I had more now!
Leena played outside for a bit while James mowed the yard.
She undressed this babydoll of mine everyday, it was so funny. She has a thing with being naked. There was one moment she tried taking my shirt off!
I am just in love with her little face, voice, personality, the way she talks, etc. In love.
That night we made veggie sushi rolls.

They turned out so yummy we made them again the next day.

Many many many more photos to come, so be prepared for this weeks blogging to be all about Katelyn and Leena.

Katelyn is an awesome photographer, go check out her work here and here.