The Little Things in Life

This post is all about the little things in my life as of late that have put a smile on my face. I do believe, that no matter what is going on in your life, being able to appreciate the smallest of things, will help you out in a big way. So take some time today and think, or even make a list of things that have made you smile lately.

This current moment, I have a smile on my face watching this down pour rain outside my window. My house is dark with only the light of the computer, my dog is on her chair on the porch, my cat is on her pillow by her window, my bird is still sleeping... peaceful. I think my mom told God that the plants were thirsty :)

So, onto the first thing that has made me very happy, is this beautiful journal my friend Renea made me from a vintage book, in an amazing shade of green, titled A Thing of Beauty. She lined the inside with the most beautiful brown and tiny floral fabric and glued a bunch of blank pages on the inside. I love the ribbon strapping also, with a vintage button. She wrote on the front, 'the personal dialouge of Laura'. I love it so much. And I have started writing again because of it. Along with events in friends lives... it has given me space to feel again. Do you ever have a heavy heart when things are going on in others lives? I know I do.

This just makes me smile, my friend Alyssa put this on the envelope to my birthday card, which was also very adorable. I thought it was so cute, especially coming from someone who probably thinks she in not creative! She is so precious. Oh, and I love the way my pink lights look in the background, that made me smile also :)

Even though this was not for me, it made me smile alot! Our friend Jen, the photographer mentioned in my earlier blog, made this little pie just for James! She had made a key lime before for a birthday we went to and James just fell in love with it. So, for my birthday she surprised me with a cherry cream pie, and James with his own mini key lime pie. It was the cutest thing ever. And not only that, but she just made him a big sized one too! The rest of the limes finally ripened. Yum yum! Seriously the sweetest girl. I wish everyone could hear her talk, it is the cutest thing. She has to be one of the most interesting people I know. Soon, I will be doing a feature on her, so Ill write more on that later!

James made his famous Ginger-Lemon with Raspberries Tea on my birthday. I enjoyed it so. And even more so in this little Lily of the Valley glass that was one of my mother's special glasses. Do you have 'special' glasses you like to drink from? I have one for just about every situation :) I like certain cups for certain drinks...

Eating leftovers from my birthday. Oh man, I did not want this stuff to end! My friend Sally makes the most amazing Manchego cheese anti-pasta in the world. It consists of manchego cheese, kalamata olives, heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs and olive oil. Then I had left over bean dip that Jonathan made with his Johnny spice! Yum, love that stuff! And I made my friend La La's guacamole dip that everyone always loves. Good stuff!

Then for two mornings in a row I made myself homeade corn tortillas, a fried egg, and added the bean dip and the guacamole! I wish I still had some left, that sounds so good right now!

Bella has been so lazy this week with all of this rain. She is just so cute. I had my journal out next to me and she had to lay on it :) She lays on anything I do...

I burned my mini sage sticks that Sally got my for my birthday. They are the cutest things ever! I love the way burning sage smells...

I have really been enjoying my house lately. It just feels like home. Especially when its clean. And my hula hoop. I havent had much time to learn a bunch of new tricks, but I at least make time each day to waist hoop for a bit. But soon I will get serious about busting out some moves! Oh, and kind of hard to see, but on the floor is my new afghan I found at a thrift store for $3!!!

After seeing Jen's nails at my party, I had to have some green nail polish. I dont paint my nails a whole lot, but when I do, I love to play with color. I usually do teal or purple. I was very excited while grocery shopping to see this nail polish, I grabbed it right up!

Another simple joy lately has been taking photos of lots of random things. Sometimes I go through periods where I dont take as many photos, and I always wish later that I did. So I have been getting back into documenting life through photos, one of my favorite things...

What makes you happy lately???