Mexican Market

Yesterday James and I went downtown San Antonio to the Market Square with his parents. We have been talking about doing something like that with them forever, and it finally happened. It was really nice to spend the day with them, although it came and went so fast.

We went to our favorite little square, the mexican market. We ate at La Margaritas, which is the sister restaurant to Mi Tierras where my family always ate growing up. So funny that James parents have always gone to the restaurant right next store! I ate chicken verde enchiladas and has a mango margarita! yummy. I forgot how much mexican food makes me so sleepy. I thought I was going to pass out on the way home, I could barely keep my eyes open. But it was oh so good!

We finally got a huge jar of our favorite mexican vanilla at the market square, we love that stuff! As we walked around I found myself surrounded by beautiful mexican dresses I could not afford. But omg, they had some of the cutest baby ones, that I MUST get when we have a little girl!

Anyway, when James and I were dating we took a pic together in this same spot, so I got James mom to snap another one.

I wore my PPP shirt, this is the first PPP I ever got, I fell in love when I saw it, and luckily it was back in the day and it was actually in the shop long enough for James to buy and it surprise me with it! It my all time favorite shirt, ever! And after I got dressed, James pointed out that my outfit looked slight mexican-y, so I thought it was kind of cute and appropriate for where we were headed off to!

(speaking of PPP, you must go check out her new Austin oxy's, so adorable! I am getting one with flannel sleeves put on it, woo hoo!... shop here)
Now it is time to continue filling crazy orders!

Listening to alot of music and being inspired by words today, I may share a post on a song I currently love and can relate to on a very deep level...