Rainy Day

The hurricane has successfully blown its little rain drops all over Bandera for the past two days straight. It is so wet outside, but I love it. Although Im not sure Violet does :)

She has a large pin outside that she stays in during the day that she can roam around in and pretend like she is chasing the deer that are on the other side of the fence. And sit way up in a tree and watch the cars go by (yes she really does this and its ridiculously cute, and she figured it out all by herself). A part of this pin is covered and has a doggie house under that, so usually when it rains, she is okay for a while out there. But the rain snuck up on us this time, and when we came home from the post office yesterday, she saw us drive up and she was wagging her tail at the gate, the one part of the covered area that gets flooded when it rains and makes a huge mud puddle. There she was, looking at us with those puppy eyes, knee deep in mud.

So James went and picked her up and brought her straight into the bathtub and I gave her a bath. It was near impossible to get it all out. It was like mud that stains! I felt so bad bringing her in from all the nasty water only to stick her in a tub of water! Shes not crazy about baths... But she braved it like a champ! Now I keep trying to walk her outside for pee breaks, but she wont go... She is so used to going in her pin. But I dont want to have to do that all again! I guess she will go when she needs to, i hope.

And needless to say, the bathroom was a disaster after this, lol.

And although the rain changed my plans about going to the city, I did still pop over to the antique store and rummage through clothes. I am so excited about this pile of clothes. I dont know if I have ever mentioned it here on my blog, but for many years I have dreamt about opening a store... A coffee shop/ thrift shop/ handmade shop/ bookshop/ music venue. Ha ha. All the things I love. But I know that will never become a reality as long as we are in this town, it just wouldnt fly. So, since my online world has increased with Violet Bella, I am thinking for the time being I can bring into reality online. So I am finally really starting my collection for Violet Bella Vintage!

I have always had a passion for vintage and for the 60s & 70s era. So my main focus will be this time period. It may be a while before this dream becomes a reality, but it is slowly in the works!

*also in the works is something to do with home decor and something to do with a book*
(just to keep you pondering)
And for dinner last night we ordered chinese takeout. It was rainy, I didnt feel like cooking and this just seemed perfect. I got mu shu pork, my favorite that I used to share with my mom everytime. And egg drop soup, yum. And we only got one fortune, so we deemed it both of ours. And really, it is one for everyone, so I wanted to share. So anyone reading this, here is your fortune!
Time to enjoy another rainy day. I love how my house is completely dark on rainy days.