The Story of Us - Part 2

We accumulated lots beautiful photos and lovely moments spent, and as crazy as I thought it was, we were in love.

On March 17, 2007 we had plans to go on a date downtown San Antonio. As far as I knew, it was just another date. It was one of the first places we had gone on a date, and as far as I remember, one of the first 'real' kisses, in the car, in the parking garage, before the date, ha ha! we couldnt wait apparently!

We ate at an Italian restaurant that I dont even remember the name of on the Riverwalk, it was not very good. Then we walked along the riverwalk. Then we walked up to La Villita, a little center above the riverwalk that has a little rock church that they do a soup kitchen out of and feed the poor, which is also where my parents got married. I always liked to visit it when I go down there. I was very excited to go see it. By this time, it was dark, the street lights were lit, and there was no one around La Villita but us. Very romantic.

Pretty much as soon as we got on the steps of the church, James turned around and grabbed my hands and simply asked me if I would marry him. I had no idea this was going to happen!!! And I immediately said yes!

He then took a big sigh and told me how he had a speech and wanted it to be more romantic but he got so nervous that he just blurted it out! lol. so cute. Then he told me that everyone knew, he had asked permission of my parents, his parents, my nanna, my best friend and his best friend! He went to everyone who was closest to us to make sure it was okay. And everyone excitedly and lovingly gave him blessings to do so. He even asked my dad, which I think is so funny and cute, and my dad told him, 'if you help me get these cats out this shop, then yes you can', ha ha, so my dad!

He didnt even propose with a ring, now that takes guts! He knew I would not like a store bought ring at all, and honestly if he would have given me a diamond ring, I probably would have handed it back to him, b/c that means he wouldnt have known me at all. I HATE diamonds and would never wear one.

We had some artists friends handmake us each engagement and wedding bands, and I used a pearl that my grandfather has given my aunt in my wedding ring. Which has now chipped away and is no longer pearly, but I dont want to replace it.

*im not a showy girl, im a sentimental girl*

then i called everyone, who already knew, and excitedly told them the news!

This was the unexpecting girl on her date night :)
and this was James proud face after the proposal :)
fast forward a bit... this is us preparing for our wedding. and this picture captures 'us' very well!

We did sooooooo much for the wedding. It was at my parents house and we literally made from the ground up an entire Italian villa garden. We actually went to a friends ranch and dug out boulders from the ground by the truck loads to bring them to the yard, it was insane! We did so much, we actually induced a seizure on James! Not even kidding.

Our days after that, was mostly spent preparing for the wedding...

and getting lots of coffees!
we went to the beach and took fun photos! gosh this was a good time.

lots of house sitting at our friends house
yep, more coffee!
and again, i have like 100's of photos, and I dont even know how to find them all on my computer anymore!!!

more to come!