Textile Cuff Bracelets & Headbands

A little update on whats been happening behind the scenes. Ive been working on these new beautiful textile cuff bracelets, and I just adore them. I am wild about them actually. Each one is completely unique and one of a kind. And it has been delightful to put to use little nothing scraps to make a beautiful piece of jewelry. The perfect fall accessory.

Here are a few already in the shop, many more to come!

And there are 3 more colors of the braided headbands coming, these a bit cooler with complimentary felt pieces at the ends. Should be posting these babies sometime this week. Customs available if you are looking for a specific color theme.

Its a rainy day here in Texas, and I think its going to be for several days. Which is fine with me, I love rainy days. Mother Earth loves them too, and she was really thirsty in this part of the country.

Rain reminds me to slow down and reflect. To refill the well by taking a step back. I think today I am not going to stress about working. I am going to go down the street and play thrift at a local antique shop, then later go to the city to visit my brother and Nanna. And not worry about what is not getting done. Which I tend to do alot :)