A Day Out With The Maz's

Yesterday we had to go get blood drawn for James and run several errands, so of course I brought along my camera.

Out the door with notebook in hand.
With my notebook full of ideas

I wore one of my PPP oxy western pearl snap shirts (cant even express how much I adore this shirt) + Citron Green Noni beanie from PPP + jeans + converse + vintage owl necklace + braids. Just about my favorite outfit.
Noni Beanie + PPP Oxy + Vintage Owl
PPP Oxy + Dandelion

Our notebook for tshirt ideas. James picked it out :)
This is my way of keeping ideas...
This is James's way... so cute.
After his doctor, we went to our favorite little coffee/bakery in Boerne, The Bear Moon Cafe, and had coffee and lunch. James had to fast, so we were super hungry. And it was very yummy.
As we drove for the rest of our errands around town we listened to the Counting Crows live album. Adam Duritz is such an amazing musician. It is so beautiful how he changes songs up live, with such emotion.
And we have been munching on this amazingly scrumptious homeade from scratch keylime pie that Jen made us. Or James I should say :) Its his favorite. She hand squeezes tons of tiny little key limes... she is the MOST amazing baker ever.

Enjoy the new music on the blog. Its not quite as happy as usual, but falltime is a very reflective time of year for me, so it fits...