Musical Muse Monday

I realize that ALOT of bloggers already post Music Mondays, so Ive gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to myself. But music plays such a huge role in my life, I really wanted to share it with you guys... So, its a yes, I am going to try my hardest to do weekly MUSICAL MUSE MONDAY posts. (I may fail, Ive never been good with keeping up with things like this)

So my first will be my all time favorite, Neil Young.

I have been in love with Neil Young for so many years I cant count. My parents first introduced me to him and it just fit with my soul. His voice, his harmonica, his banjo, his rhythms, his lyrics, his soul... So many reasons I love him.

This is my favorite photo of him. For those of you who would like a Neil Young record but not sure which of 1,000's he has to get, this is a good one. It has most of his 'hits' along with just really good choices. Its a two disc album.
Another photo I love of him. (Im posting mainly pics of when he was young, I think he was adorable) If you have ever seen him play live, then you know he brings like 15 guitars up on stage with him and changes guitars almost every song, its crazy.
Singing along with Joni Mitchell, my number 2 favorite artist...
Its hard to tell you my absolute favorite song, so Ill list about 5 of my favorites. They fluxuate with the Moon it seems. His songs are so ingrained in my soul from certain periods in my life, so each song takes me to a different state of mind when I listen to them.

(here are links to you tube videos of my favorites)

And if you are a lover of Neil Young, then you most likely love his previous work with Buffalo Springfield, and his involvement with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young...

(here are some of my favorites with him in those)

Enjoy a little piece of my soul.