Pieces of my days...

My beautiful Bella sitting in the window. This is her spot. Last night while I was cooking dinner I looked over and saw her sitting there, and she was just so stunning I has to stop and snap her photo, and Im so glad I did. It turned out so beautiful.

This morning I was awoken with my best friend calling me for a garage sale date. I instantly accepted, got up and made coffee, threw some clothes on and was ready. I found this amazing old bottle for 50 cents. Its hard to tell from the photo, but it has this really cool irridescent look to it. I have a little love affair with old bottles... another one my mom passed down to me.
And this old patchwork quilt for $10. This is the inside, a beautiful shade of green with little birdies on it... so lovely.
The quilt top is just soft and pretty. Perfectly miss-matched patches of all shapes and sizes.
Here is a tid bit of what Ive been working on behind the scenes. This is the stuff you guys never see b/c it doesnt get posted online. This is for one of my shops that carry Violet Bella.
And a little sneak peak into one of the designs for James tshirts!!! We have several in the works, and James has tons of ideas! We are getting so close to getting our first one made. We mixed all the inks and stuff today, and washed all of the shirts! Getting pumped and excited!
And this was my lunch! Havent had a salad in a while, and it sounded good to me today, finally. I go through ups and downs with salads... This one was spinach, with red onion, tomatoes, feta cheese, almonds, sunflower seeds, sunflower sprouts and raspberry vinagrette dressing.
Today I got to hang out with my nanna, her sister, and my aunt. It was so nice to have them in my own home, which doesnt happen very often. It was nice to hug and see everyone. Made my heart happy.

I also cut out a ton of new teddy bear faces today, and one owl and one bunny!!! So many newbies coming sometime this week! There are still just a few teddy bears left in the shop :)

Im ready to go to sleep so I can get up tomorrow and start creating again... sometimes I just dont want to stop, but my body runs out of steam...