Screenprinting & BBQ

Today has been a pretty nice relaxing day, although it has happened way too fast. James had the day off and we actually didnt have to go grocery shopping or anywhere, so I took the day off with him.

Yesterday we made James first screenprinted tee. We had lots of errors and trials to go through. And even messed up two of our good shirts... oops. so now this one is mine. I had the suggestion to relay the print when it didnt take all the way, and it messed it up and double printed it blurry. You cant really tell unless you are right on it. I cant wait to make our first real ones he can sell! We are waiting on more screens to arrive before we can.

Its been fun designing for them, there are many other designs drawn up, and James has lots of ideas in his head. Its pretty exciting collaborating with him on something. Ive always wanted to do that, and its happening!

We had a little bbq lunch with our good friends Jonny and Jen. The boys had burgers, and Jen and I had hazelnut field crusts from whole foods as burgers. And we made potato wedge fries (thank you Shelley)... And ginger beer!

Jonny. He had the best outfit on today, I should have gotten a better photo.
Beautiful Jen. Im in love with her dreads. Everytime Im around her it makes me want them... For those of you who dont know, Jen is my helper. She has been doing lots of odds and ends things behind the scenes to help Violet Bella out. She is amazing and so sweet. If only everyone could have a piece of her heart, the world would be a better place.

Now, Im going to update the shop with a few more teddy bears :)