Home Cuteness

Random things I love about my home...

Violet has deemed this chair on our porch her chair. I love to sneak peaks at her while she is on the porch because I usually find her looking adorable like this...

haha, James and I were packaging up stuff the other day and forgot to push Bella's pillow back over, then later I saw her sitting on it like this! geez Im glad she didnt fall, then it wouldnt have been so funny!

My new pretty vintage lamp I found at a garage sale last weekend! Im so in love with.

And the weekend before that I found this AMAZING handmade macrame owl wall hanging at a garage sale for only $2. I was the happiest little girl.

I cleaned my porch this past weekend and re-did all the lights. It feels so nice now.

My morning glories are still growing like crazy! Im so glad I planted them...

In the background, I have been working on a massive order for Ruche, should be in there shop in the next week or so!

and of course, Bella was my assistant :)

Exciting news, today we got in 115 shirts for James Skyline Fever shirts! I think I was more excited than he was! We have several new designs that are sooooo adorable, I cant wait to put them out!