A Mini Thrifting Date

Just a little thrifting adventure for today. We drove to Ingram this afternoon to go to my favorite little thrift shop sort of in the middle of nowhere. I love it so much, its run by a group of little elder ladies and it always has super cool things I like... like granny square afghans, owl stuff, cool vintage fabric. love it. It was James idea. It was so cute this morning, we actually got to wake up together, and while we were still in bed he asked me if I wanted to go to the thrift store. That ALWAYS puts a big smile on my face! Especially when its HIS idea :) Love my mister.

Of course we stopped by our favorite little coffee shop in Ingram, Spirit Wind Java.

James got an vanilla bean espresso milk shake and a chocolate chip cookie, and I got a chai milkshake and a oatmeal banana scone. Yummy!!!

There was a cool little art sculpture on the wall with the wooden spoons, I thought they were pretties.

At the thrift store I found a treasure for my hope chest for our future 'hopeful' little girl. The cutest little embroidered vintage hoodie. loves....

and I found lots of yummy pillowcases.

and I got this in the mail today! It was a lovely trade with Deer Little Fawn. It is just the cutest thing ever! Cant wait to hang it in my 'one day' studio. For now I will just find a special little spot for it. And the cutest little yoyo hair barrette!

So far, a lovely day with my boy. Now he is playing video games and Im off to work!