The Sweetest Gift

A few days before christmas a local friend stopped by my house and delivered the sweetest gift.  I think it was so wonderful b/c it was so unexpected.  It truly melted my heart.  She knew (from reading my blog :) that I collect these vintage wooden bowls, and she found this amazing one and knew I wouldnt have it.  It such an irregular pattern, I have never seen one like it!  Along with an adorable glass owl tree ornament, and a huge bundle of vintage fabrics.  This could not have been anymore of a perfect gift for me.

As you can see, Bella enjoyed it too, especially the paper!

Things like this go deeper for me, I look at it as if Im doing something right in this world.  For someone Im not super close to (although i would love to be) to randomly think of me during this time of year when there is so much going on, is the sweetest thing ever.  Im truly grateful for moments like these.

A part of me wishes I could do this holiday season all over.  I was in such a funk and having a hard time getting into b/c of my own emotions.  And now that it is over, Im into it!  Lets do it again, ha ha!