Todays Threads: Mothers Handmade Tent Dress

Two days ago James and I took one last mini shopping adventure into the city for some last minute items.  It ended up being a long trip, b/c we bought a cd at the mall, only to realize when we were a good ways down the road that the cd was not in the case!  We had to turn around and go back, and sort of be looked at like we were thieves.  I was mostly bummed b/c I really wanted to listen to the cd.  It was Bayside's gold edition with extra acoustic songs I havent heard.  Bummed.

But we got lots of fun things for someone special in our family!  That was a plus!  And I wore one of my all time favorite articles of clothing.  This adorable floral tent dress.  My mom made it when she was younger.  Probably younger than me.  Im assuming she made it when she was pregnant with my brother.  I adore this dress to pieces and Im so glad she kept it.  I will keep it for my daughter too!

mothers handmade tent dress
baseball shirt
grey leggings
stretch belt from Ruche
green cons
handmade vintage fabric bangle
vintage carpet bag (scored for .50 cents)
my mothers jewelry

I love it when Bella comes on the porch with me while doing outfit posts.  Its like a little ritual before we go out the door.  She is so amazingly beautiful, its kind of hard to get over, even after all these years.

I feel like I have so much to share this week!  One post at a time :)