Todays Threads + Our Artshow Date

Outfit pics from when we had our date the other day to the craft show.  By the time we got there, the show had been so slow that everyone was already packing up a few hours early.  I felt so bad for my friend, b/c its suppose to be a great show, but she was mislead on the date, it was the weekend before that is the 'good' one!  It was so nice to see her with her little booth!  And we ran into some old friends from when I use to wait tables, so the was awesome!

Citron Noni beanie from PPP
Owl scarf from Skyline Fever
Striped Teddy Bear sweater from Violet Bella (me)
Bird burnout tunic from Skyline Fever
yellow tights from Target
Upcycled Sweater Legwarmers from Mountain Girl Clothing
green cons
Musician's Key Necklace from Violet Bella

I was so pleased to notice the the little specs in my socks matched the other colors in my outfit.  I usually dont care about matching at all, but I was just thrilled at how all the colors came together.
And I always try to take pics of James tattoo while we are driving and finally got a successful one!
And here is a sweet pic of my friends little girl Molly.  She is so precious and Nikki is such a good momma.
snapped some sweet birdies on the way home!
and for some reason i have always loved sunsets through dirty windshields.

Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse last night?  We woke up for it, but the sky was too cloudy.  The moon was so full and bright though.  Lit up the sky!