Blog Friend Love

Yesterday was a good day.

I got to hug my Nanna's neck.
I got fresh groceries.
I saw old friends and had the best time.
I got to hold like 10 kittens.
I ate the best homeade garlic pasta ever.
I drank a Modelo.
I got the sweetest package ever, from an online friend/one of my sponsors... Hoot N Annie.  This girl is seriously sweet and adorable.  I was so over joyed with her out of nowhere generosity of just 'thinking about me'...  THIS is what I mean about finding real connections online.  Sweetest thing ever.  I love totally unsuspected things like this, thank you Amber!!!!

*speaking of Amber, soon you will be getting a cute DIY from her*

She sent me this amazing cowl she made, which I didnt take off yesterday, Im in love, perfect colors, perfect everything.
Also, a mix cd full of wonderful music, that I am listening to right now... The cutest card in the world with the sweetest words inside.  And I think she has the best business card Ive ever seen.  I felt like one super special girl yesterday!
I just threw the cowl on with what I was wearing, and it was a perfect fit!  I think it will blend in my wardrobe like it was meant to be...

Today, we are getting the alternator on my car fixed.  Ive been carless for over a month.  James' best friend is a mechanic, so we get friend time along with it!

And, Im working on new teddy bear shirts and other things...  I found some adorable new fabrics just for them while thrifting the other day, I love them!  Im trying to make all sizes, but I can only work with what I have... so anyone who ever needs a special size, remember I can do customs on teddy bear shirts!  You can even send me your own shirt!

Here's to another good day!