Closet &Jewelry Display Re-Vamp

A few days ago I got in a new year's cleaning mood, and completely re-organized all of the clothes in my closet, and my jewelry display... a much needed cleanout.  I pulled out all of the clothes in my closet that I dont wear very often, but just cant seem to let go of, and put them all into large plastic tubs at the bottom of my closet, so I can still get to them easily.  And I even packed away all of my vintage purses, which makes me a bit sad, but my house is so cluttered, I desperately need to start cleaning up in ALL areas.  I have way too much stuff for our tiny house!

While I was organizing all of the clothes in my closet, I was so inspired by seeing all of the beautiful textiles together.  My closet is so full of pretty fabrics, I just love it!  So different from my *almost* all black wardrobe in high school.

And my jewelry display was so in need of a re-vamp.  It pretty much looks similar to the way I had it before, just updated with the jewelry that I actually wear all of the time.  I packed away all of the stuff that had been up there for years and not really touched.  I love how simple changes like this can make things feel so fresh in your home.  The main jewelry display is part of an old piano.  It had four large square holes in it, and I backed it with pretty scrapbook paper.  I just love it for hanging my jewelry on!
Now all of the jewelry displayed is things I wear on a daily basis, along with a few pieces that are just super special to me, which are the ones on the purple and blue board hanging from the oversized skeleton key.  It includes the first necklace James bought me, a little owl necklace that was thrifted in austin during our honeymoon, the necklace I bought for my wedding day (although it was not worn), and a handmade trinket necklace that is full of my mother's sentimental things.  I love having my pretties out wear I can see them everyday!

How do you display your jewelry?