A Heartfelt Rambling

Good morning world.

Im sitting here drinking my yummy coffee, listening to Agnes Obel, whom I just found via The Flowerchild Dwelling (which is possibly the most beautiful blog Ive ever visited)... Im wondering where today's motivation will come from.  The boy is home for a whole week, he got his teeth pulled the day before yesterday & then went ahead and took some of his vacation time.  But until he starts feeling better, we are sticking around the house.  And I think I have a case of cabin fever or something.  Even though I have so much I could work on & ideas in my head, I cant sit long enough to focus on anything.  Yesterday I caught myself just standing in my living room.  Just standing there, staring.  Not even looking at anything, you know when your eyes just gaze off and get blurry?  Thats what I was doing!  I did finally muster up the motivation to work out, which made me feel soooo much better.  Then I decided to hula hoop in my tiny kitchen while cooking dinner.  That was delightful, yet limited, ha ha.  Anyway, Im in a rambling mood....

A few nights ago, we had dinner with some friends I havent hung out with in months... That was very good for my soul.  I love a re-kindle after such a long time.  I have been having interesting experiences with re-kindling with people lately.  It seems like all the people I use to see have been coming back into my life without any efforts besides the universe just pulling us together.  And Im learning more and more how relationships of all kinds, not just with your main squeeze, will eb and flow in this lifetime.  People you thought you once disliked, you can grow to find peace in your heart with and look past any of those things you may not like about them.  Of course I choose not to keep company around me that is toxic or harmful.  I have had to say goodbye to a few fellows like this, for good.  I guess I just love when things change for the better in any relationship.  Im not really learning anything new about relationships, just being gently reminded.  I really do have faith in the idea that anyone in our lives is here for a purpose.  Even with my online relationships.  We can all learn from each other, even in the tiniest of ways.  Beyond all craftyness or silly outfit cuteness of our daily lives... we are all here for a much deeper purpose, and its our relationships with one another that can really make this apparent.  

Even though I started this blog for my personal self to keep track of my daily life in marriage (for my future kiddos) and to keep track of my journey in starting my own business... I have realized that it has transformed into something different, because people are actually reading it.  So another part I would like to achieve with this little blog of mine, is to of course inspire others to truly be themselves, but to connect in a way that is real.  We are all from different parts of the world, with different upbringings, different life goals, different everything, except our souls.  We are all human, with emotions, love, hate, grief, pain, sillyness, etc... We all harbour the same feelings... I dont really know where this is going, Im just typing...

I think its time for me to get up and get moving... The boy just asked me if I want to go thrifting, so I guess he is feeling better and Im excited to leave the house!!!