Magnolia Pearl

Lately I have been finding myself dressing up for the day, just because.  Its cold outside, and its fun to layer up.  And after recently cleaning out my closet, I have done away with things that just sit there, so now I can utilize my staples in lots of different ways... Im pretty much in love with leggings, I wore these 3 days in a row, shhhh.....

Here I wore:
A beautiful Magnolia Pearl crochet lace top (it was my mothers)
cotton black drape front sweater
Skyline Fever bird tunic
recycled sweater legwarmers
plaid booties
feather earrings made by my friend Renea

Today I get to go hug my Nanna's neck, she has been in Australia for almost 3 weeks!  And go grocery shopping at Whole Foods, and then a dinner with some good friends that we havent seen in entirely too long!

What are your plans for today?