Makes My Heart Sing Monday

Today's Makes My Heart Sing Monday is inspired by my friend Shauna from Poor Pitiful Pearl.  She is about to sell off everything she owns and live in an RV with her husband and two little girls.  Big excited life changes are about to come her way.  So these images are my daydream version of this lifestyle.  Visit her post about it to find out more!

*all images are from Pinterest, click here to view my original board*

1. I love all of the colors going on in this photo.  and is this girl not a doll?

2. how fun would it be to sell clothes out of a little camper? love this one called Wanderlust.

3. gosh i just love this photo.  the colors are lovely together.

4. homeade quilts and curtains everywhere....

5. love every print and color here... ahhhh!!!!

5. i have always admired Lune Vintage's little camper set up!!!!

6. i cant even imagine how magical this must feel in real life.

7. marking off all of the places you have traveled!

8. making such a tiny space so cozy and cute, love it!

I wish Shauna the best in this new adventure in her life!

AND - later tonite, i will be announcing the winner of the giveaway!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who participated.