Makeup Makeover

Yesterday a friend of mine came over to do a little 'makeup makeover' with her beauty products she sells.  She needed another face to use and I was willing!  I love getting pampered with tons of special stuff I cant really afford to buy, so I was excited... and I got to spend time with an old friend I havent seen in a while!  Double plus!

After I had my makeup, I had to get dressed and do a little photoshoot.  I just felt so girly. 

What I Wore:
Skyline Fever TeePee baseball shirt
thrifted skirt
belt from Ruche
pretty socks from Target
combat boots handed down from a friend (they were my favorites in high school)

And I tied my hair up with yarn just like in Emma's hair tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess!

Sometimes its fun to have an excuse to dress up & play girly for no reason at all!  Thanks La La for doing my makeup!