Chasing Time

I felt like this old photo of mine described how I have been feeling this week quite well.  Its called Chasing Time.  Since we have made up our minds that we have a huge financial goal ahead of us, we have been busy little bees doing all that we can to get there.  Besides the normal hours of working between us, we are going through the whole house cleaning out for a big garage sale.  And we have been holding great sales in our shops, which is awesome for all of you guys!

I feel like I am kind of putting the rest of my life on hold for a short while.  Basically, making some 'time' and 'fun' sacrifices in the short term, for a bigger better long term goal.  And praying in the meantime that it is all worth it.  In a way, it feels like I am shedding layers of my youth and coming into full adulthood.  Like this transition is some sort of passage way.

Anyway, Im still here, and going to try to get some more things blogged this week, I have a whole list!  Starting tomorrow with a super fun guest post!

Some awesome highlights of this week are getting new jewelry up on Red Velvet's new lovely site, Ruche (who has a gorgeous new lookbook out) & Threadscence!!!

Dont forget Violet Bella is having DAILY DEALS on etsy, 40% off anything in the daily deals section & it changes everyday!  And Skyline Fever is now having a 20% off everything sale!  Just enter the discount code SKYLINE 20 at checkout to get it!