Feels like the weekend....

This week has quickly gone from work work work to play play play.  Two of our friends that live in California decided to come home for a visit on the same weekend.  So last night and the next two nights we have plans and friend fun going on.  Yesterday we drove Christie to see the house we dream of buying.  Then last night I went out with my bestie and her twin sister to a local bar and watched some music.  It was a very much needed night out with just the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I feel a bit like crap right now, but it will wear off.  Im not used to drinking really at all anymore, so even a few drinks will now give me a headache the next day, I feel so old :)  But it was super fun and since it doesnt happen often at all, it was even more meaningful time spent with my girls.  This seriously feels like the first "weekend" ive had in forever!!!!

One another note, James has some really cute new styles he is working on.  I have already stolen 3 new tops!  This style is my absolute favorite.  Last night I wore one in plum with flowers but it was too dark to take pics...and it was just about the cutest outfit ive worn all year too!  oh well :)  But this style is flowy and loose, so good for layering with anything, its longer in the back so it covers your bum so you can wear it with leggings.  Im seriously in love.  We got them in brown too and I cant wait for him to pick which design will go on them.  We have lots of pics to take before we can put them up in the shop!

This day I wore it with a thin baseball tee, denim cut offs, floral leggings, striped Mountain Girl Clothing leg warmers, fabric leaf necklace by Katelyn Demidow, and of course, my green cons.

The other day I downloaded a goal planning workbook for this year, and I decided to keep it in my Style School notebook from last year from Elsie's class.  I love my notebook so much, it needed more excuses to be used.  I have tons of big and little goals all written out, so now I have something to look back to often for reference to keep me motivated and on course with making them come true!

On to another eventful day!