The Flowerchild Dwelling - Guest Post

Im very honored to have Kelly Ann as one of my sponsors this month.  I stumbled across her blog not too long ago actually and instantly felt a connection.  I really think we are kindred spirits somewhere along the way, at least in the way we see the world.  Everything I have seen of her, I feel connected to.  If you ever want to be simply inspired, visit her blog!

Hello there! I’m Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling... and I am absolutely delighted to be posting here. Laura is one of my very favourite bloggers, and I think she is a true gem. :)

Today... I want you all to a take a break. From work, school, stress. Just for a moment. I think we tend to get so caught up in going, going, going 24/7, that we forget that life is supposed to be fun and relaxing sometimes. So, imagine this awesome day with me...

I’m throwing a party. For all of you. Not just any party. But a party that takes place in the most beautiful, sunny, warm, golden field. In the very center of the field, surrounded by dried grass and mustard flowers, there is a long, wooden table... with old dishes, bottles filled with wildflowers, and food & drink - a feast fit for a king. There’s a small cluster of trees a few feet away, with a hammock, and blankets, and stacks & stacks of old books. Off in the distance, you hear the faint roar of the ocean. The day is filled with laughing, eating, drinking, photographing, sleeping, and exploring. As the sun starts to set, lanterns are hung from the trees and the canopy over our table is all lit up. We all dance and laugh and sing as the stars fill up the sky and the moon shines down upon in all her glory.

To me... that is the perfect day. And I want every single one of you there. What would you bring?

This wonderful day needs a soundtrack, and since I’m obsessed with playlists, I put together the perfect collection of songs just for the occasion. So, throughout your day today, or throughout your week, whenever you’re feeling anxious, worried, or stressed, just listen to these songs and remember our wonderful party in the golden field. xo.