Makes My Heart Sing Monday

We are in such an exciting yet nerve wrecking part in life right now.  The offer we put in for our house was accepted without any counter offers!!!  So now it is the real deal!!!!!!!  We just have to go through a rigerous loan approval process which makes me all sorts of nervous.  Not really about getting accepted, but all of the phone calls and paper work involved.  Ive never liked talking on the phone to people I dont know.  But Ill get through it.  My brain has been so utterly full lately that this weekend I thought I was going to burst.  But I spent yesterday just leisurely working.  Still getting things done but in a peaceful manner.  Ive been so go go go that I just have to slow down!

So, in light of the reality that we may very well be getting our house, my monday post is inspired by things i love in home decor.  click on the images to veiw the source.

1. love love love this needlepoint, so cheery and colorful!

2. love this couple, they have amazing style.  and this photo makes me daydream about our new fireplace!

3. i have two rustic large blue doors that i would love to do something like this with!

4. in the with the colors and style of this home.

5. i dream of having a desk space this organized!  maybe a bit more colorful, but you get the idea!

6. and the same for my craft room!  love the creative organization.

7. one of the things i am most excited about this new house is lovely window lighting!  i dont have that in the house we are in now... i cant wait to photograph clothing in it!

8.  all of the colors in this house make me so happy!  not really the prints, but the colors together.

9. i think this is going to be out motto for a while after we move!
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

And, you should pop over to O Bella Naturals blog to see a guest post I did about the relationship between and mother and daughter.  It was fun trading guest posts this week with Betsy!

Ill be back later today with one amazing guest post!!!