A Night Out...

Since I knew we were going out with James parents last night, I had the perfect excuse to dress up a bit.  I have seriously been living in pjs for almost 2 weeks straight now.  Almost to the point of disgust, so it felt sooooo good to get cute.

James had just screenprinted these new beautiful tank tops, and I had also just received my trade from Mountain Girl Clothing, these amazing leg warmers (she has one more pair left!!!)... so I knew I wanted to wear those two things.  Oh, and my new guitar and harmonica necklace, which will go into the shop if I can part with it.  James already dibbed the other harmonica and has been playing it for the past two days.  Which has been so worth giving it up b/c its just about the cutest thing ever.  I told him he could only have it on the condition that he lets me take a video of him playing it!  So one day I will sneak it up on here :)

I absolutely could not get over the lovlieness of this tiny floral print next to this big bold native american print.  soooooooo perfect!

We drove downtown with his parents to eat at Schilo's a german joint.  I had a keilbasa sausage dog with kraut and a root beer!  a must have when you go to a place like that.  Even though I dont drink soda.  The we walked the riverwalk a bit, and popped into The Rainforest Cafe and ordered drinks just so we could walk around and look at it!  It was crazy in there!  None of us had ever been.  All of the animals came to life, and it even got dark and sounded like a rainy thunderstorm while we were in there, very cool!  The aquarium next to our table had this cute little bug eyed fish that just sat there looking at us the whole time.  He was so cute!  James wanted to bring him home.

It was a lovely escape from the crazyness of this week.  So good to spend time with his parents.  Im so glad we were able to do that.  Now, this morning, I have a coffee date and back to work work work.  Fingers are crossed that I get my tax numbers back today to continue the house process!