Searching for a home

I can hardly contain my excitement today.  We have our first ever appointment set up to look at a house for sale!  We have been driving by homes for sale and practically stalking for months now.  I decided to take the leap from stalker, to serious home viewer!  Ive been so back and forth on this decision.  There are pros and cons to any and every choice to be made.

First off, I absolutely adore my rent house I am in, and the rent is unbeatable.  Ive been here for 8+ years and have always loved it.  But with a growing business, and now actually two business with james shirts, we are outgrowing this house.  And we have been talking more and more about babies in the future... So we would like to sort of have the house move out of the way before that time comes.  Id rather not leave it for last minute and then feel frantic about it.  I dream everyday of having a bigger space to create in, a space I can allow to be messy if I want.  Right now every creative space I work in is tucked in a corner, behind a couch, or where our 'dining room' is suppose to be, so we eat at the couch.  I dont really mind these thing even, I just daydream about how relieving it would be to actually have room to really go crazy and create.

So, that is what has sparked this motivation in my heart for a new home, one we can call our own, grow in, and raise a family in.

For the most part, James and I have alot in agreeance as to what we are looking for.  We love the convenience of having our house right here in town, but would like a bit more land, or at least a nice fenced yard for Violet to run around in, one big enough to grow a garden and hula hoop in.  And preferably one where the neighbor is not right there everytime you turn around.  I grew up in the woods, and james grew up next to cliffs, so we both love the idea of having places like that for our kids to scout around, but then my nanna reminded me yesterday, that we can always take them to their grandparents house and let them do that there!  So that rests my heart a little bit, b/c its true!  We also love having friends over for bbq's in the summer, so we would love something that is condusive for that.

The hardest part has been, everything I fall in love with, is just out of our price range.  So Im learning to settle my heart for something that maybe isnt the cutest or best, but something I can fix up and make my own.  

So, I have given it up to God.  To open my heart to what shall be a good place to rest our feet and our hearts.  To something that we can love and not make ourselves crazy with trying to keep up with payments just b/c its our dream house.  I know its out there!  So now the real hunt begins... Today!

Sorry, this was long, I could go on and on about every little detail, but Ill refrain :)  4 o'clock could not get here any sooner!