Weekend Photos

This weekend was jammed packed with friends and bbq's!  James and I were so tired today, but it was so good to see everyone.  I spent the day tagging items for our garage sale this coming weekend.  I got to dress up alot this weekend which was exciting after being in pjs so much lately!

My bestie's twin came home from California for a visit.  It was so good to see her, she was actually my best friend in junior high/early high school.  And through the years of going different directions, the universe has pulled me and her twin together as besties!  So funny. 

To their bbq I wore my mommies leather sandals, leggings, my Skyline Fever teepee dress layering with a vintage scarf layering tank and this cuff bracelet.  And I curled my hair two days in a row!  Which hasnt happened in forever...

Here is a pic of my girl, that her little 1 year old took (with my assistance)... She is the prettiest girl in the world, in my own opinion.  I have lots of pics of everyone else but I dont want to post them on my blog since Im not sure who would mind...

me and xavier, my besties son have been bonding alot lately.  im absolutely smitten with him.
It was really cute to see him look at his mom and her twin sister together for the first time, he kept calling them both momma!

The night before, we had a girls night out at the bar here in town.  It was alot of fun and much needed.
dont mind the look on shelleys face, she was not drunk, ha ha...