BBQs & Carnivals...

We had a few really nice moments this week with our friends.  We have a very last minute bbq with our tarpley crew, Jen Jen, Jonny & Tia.  Lately our spans between seeing them have been so long, we really missed them, so it was so nice to have them over.  We want to squeeze in as many backyard bbq's in this rent house as we can before we move.  Tia got a Skyline Fever shirt which looks adorable on her!

We grilled veggies and some burgers (and veggie burgers for Jen), James & Jonny messed around on the guitar, we sat around and chatted, after it got dark we got silly with our hula hoops, I invented hula exercise moves that made us crack up, and Violet just sat amongst us so calm and chill, it was so nice.

We were telling them about how the baseball shirts we have are suppose to be unisex, but when we did the original photoshoot James put one on and it was so bad I couldnt even take a photo!  We were cracking up.  So Jonny had to try them on to see.  And yep, we were right!  It doesnt look as bad in the photo, but Im not sure there is anything unisex about these shirts.  Ha ha.

This weekend we joined my best friend and her family at the local carnival.  Carnivals here are honestly pretty lame, but we still made the most of it and had fun.  The merry-go-round was so pretty.

At first Xavier was upset because he couldnt go on all the rides that his sister could.  But he got over it and enjoy other things.  Im pretty much in utter love with this little boy.  Both of her kids are just my two little cuddle bugs.  love them.

I loved the looks on Isabel's face each time they came back around on the ferris wheel, so precious.  And she is so cute right now with her teeth missing :)

We rode the kiddie train!

And I got to ride the merry-go-round too!  I love these things.  Although it was super windy and I chose to wear a dress.  Note to self, never wear a dress to a carnival.  Its not as much fun.

Xavier wanted to ride the merry-go-round twice, but each time he seems very worried, so cute.

After the carnival we went and got a bite to eat.  Played with the kids.  And took silly photos.  Isabel is obsessed with my camera, so we take lots of pics.  She says she wants to be a photographer when she grows up.  And I think this is now my all time favorite photo of me and my favorite girl.  Isnt she beautiful?

me and my silly little friend Isabel.

Times like these are what I live for.  It makes all of my long work days so worth it once I can relax and spend time with these people.  My heart needs them.