Makes My Heart Sing

This weeks Makes My Heart Sing (a day late) is full of so much eye candy.  I feel connected with each of these photos in some way.  They really just speak to my soul.

Im hands down smitten with this hippie ragtime american flag.  I would die to have this to hang on my wall.  I think I want to make a version of it for my new house.  This one was created by Sara Rahbar in 2008.

I have always been a fan of wall art collages.  I cannot wait to do this in our new home.  We couldn't in this house b/c our walls are rock and you have to drill into it just to hang something... Oh I cant wait!  There are a few pieces in this treasury I made that I want to add to it!

Love the look of all of the textures and colors together, and the chunky-ness it creates together... so lovely.

The re-vamped Tom's are pretty amazing if you ask me!  You can get a custom pair made from this etsy shop.  Im in love with her fabric strip wooden pendants as well, I think Id love one!

the simple beauty of the vintage books together takes my breath away.  reminds me of my friend Ann's little collection in her home.  i love looking for old beauties like this at garage sales.  this photo is by zoom in tight.

love this idea.  i have two old shudders off of my parents house.  i pulled them out of the pile to be burned.  so far ive used them as jewelry display at art shows.  but i think this may be their next destiny.  found on this blog. (sorry for the blurry image)

not only am in love with the feather earrings and hair clips, of course, but the simple beauty of this photo is amazing.  i would love to hang this image on my wall.  Sadly, I can find the original source, if you know please tell me.

i just love the look of this room.  although its not one i would want for myself, its just pretty.  i love all the books lined up top, and the contrast of the wallpaper with the vintage pictures.  and the different textiles on the bed and pillows...

this is just so fun.  totally making one for my new casa.  yikes!

this has got to be one of my favorite photos ever.  i think i may have already posted this a while back.  want this on  my wall so bad.

And you must go check out Ruche's new spring lookbook, sooooo pretty!

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