Phase One: Packing

First of all, thank you so much for all of the sweet love and prayers for my husband on my last post.  It means so much to us.  He is feeling better & was back at work today.  I experienced a bit of his life today by waking up at 4 am to take him to work, and instead of going back to bed, I just came home and started my work day.  By 9:30 I was eating lunch and already had a million things done!  It was crazy.  I crashed and burned after picking him up and we napped on the couch for a bit.  Something that he does most days and I see why!  Well see how long I can keep this up :)  He is not suppose to drive for 6 months after having a seizure, but I think that is a bit long... Weve never gone that long with me driving him, so well just play it by ear.

And here is phase one of our moving adventure...


I have allowed myself to let go of my sad feelings attached to never seeing this house cute again.  We will be swimming in boxes and empty shelves for the next few weeks and its only going to get worse by the day.  But... it will be so worth it!

Now that we know we are getting the house, I can really get serious with packing away anything that is not necessary to live.  Luckily since James works at a grocery store, we can bring home tons of awesome packing boxes!!!

I think I need to go to bed early tonite.