Bits of Home...

here are some little snaps around the new house.  there is still so much to do, but im doing it a little at a time and not stressing about getting it all done.  i opened my shop back up yesterday and added lots of new goodies, and more to come today!  some really cute stuff.  and i already have new packages to get ready for shipping tomorrow.  feels so good to be back in business.  i really need to be, since now we have a bigger mortgage payment, eeek!  good for you guys b/c ill be constantly busting out some cute new Violet Bella!!!  i need to get a sewing table still.  i set it up on one of those fold up heavy duty card tables, but the whole thing shakes when i sew, so that is not going to fly!  now im on the hunt for a great sewing table.

many of these spaces shown have already been changed or elaborated on.  for a while, i have a feeling things will continue to change until i get it just right.  such fun!!!  i love decorating so much.  oh, and yesterday i even laid out on my back deck for a bit and soaked up some much needed vitamin D.  love it!  although i was a bit timid b/c earlier that morning i had found two scorpions on the deck!  oh my, they are my LEAST favorite bug!  im not feeling as free to be barefoot in my backyard as i had envisioned, but its still beautiful.

I hope you all enjoy your easter.  I plan on just being here in my house, decorating, working & enjoying!