Designing a Jewelry Nook...

I finally prettied up my jewelry space in the bedroom.  You may remember how I had it in my last house.  I knew I still wanted to use this old wooden piece that came out of a piano.  I took off the backing I had on it before to make it more simple and earthy.  I also used an old shutter that I reclaimed from my parents house.  My dad had them in the burn pile and I snagged them up.  I remember them being on the house since I was little and new they had some life in them still.  I also used some of my mom's special antique bowls to keep my headbands and things in.  Since I have so much jewelry, I decided just to hang up my favorite and most special pieces.  I originally wanted to hang up my vintage purse collection, but Im not sure Ill have the room.  I may have to squeeze some on another wall.

This amazing vintage dresser was in my mom's bedroom.  She loved this piece, and I am so honored to now have it in my own bedroom.  And Ive had so much fun adding my square photo wood squares all over the house!  They add such a nice little touch.

So as you can see, you dont need alot 'jewelry' hangers to keep your pretties.  You can use so many different found objects, bowls or anything to create a special place for your favorite things. 

I am having so much fun with the freedom to do what I want with my own walls!  Love it!  Im sure overtime it will change.  Im loving the process.