A Personal Day...

Yesterday, I took a much needed break to do a few things for myself.  One being, putting makeup on & my favorite jean shorts.  I felt myself coming a to a breaking point and had to do something.  I found out today that alot of it was due to it being my girl time.  I dont feel too awkward announcing that b/c most of you reading this are girls, and know exactly what I mean.

James had off yesterday, which meant we got to sleep in!  It felt soooo nice!  We were going to hit up some garage sales, but instead I decided I wanted to tackle a personal project I really wanted to get done before moving, painting my china hutch.  It was a hand-me-down, that honestly has always been more about function than looks, it was soooo ugly.  boring white, with about 40+ years of dirt and grime on it.  I dont use it for china though, I use it to store some of my fabric in for my craft room.  So this will be the first exciting piece to go in my new sewing room!!!  James got out there and helped me too, which was sooooo very nice to have him working on a project like that with me, it meant so much to have his help.

Yesterday I wore:
thrifted vintage embroidered shirt, denim cut-offs, my momma's sandals & earrings I made.  I love simple summer outfits!  And when I look down at my legs while wearing these sandals and cutoffs, I cannot help but be reminded of my mother, its all she wore!

The current state of my craft room!  Its getting crazy around here :)

Last night Bella snuck in some chest time before Violet came in to pounce on the bed.  Its so funny every night... Bella comes to say goodnight in bed, then James lets Violet in and she dashes to the bed to say hi to me, and Bella immediately runs away.

Violet on her favorite chair.  Im sad that she wont have it for a while, until we can add on a covered porch for her.  I dont want the chair to get ruined in the rain.  One day, shell have it back!

A sneak peak at my project!  I didnt take a before photo, should have, but I was in a hurry to do this!  Just picture it white and ugly, ha ha!  Ill show the whole thing when we get it in the room!

Almost time to say goodbye to this wonderful little rock house that was built in 1935.  It has been so good to me for the past 8 years.  So many memories have been made in the walls and in this yard.  Loves lost and loves gained.  Friendships flourished.  A growing business.  And lots and lots of soul growth.  I will forever remember this house.