Today, or not Today... That is the Question...

Two steps forward, and one step back.  That is the process of buying a home.  We have been through some ups and downs this week of when we were going to be closing.  It was suppose to be today.  We woke up so excited.  James rolled over in bed first thing this morning with the cutest smile on his face telling me that today we are getting a house.  Precious.  But when we went in to the office this morning, we found out that UPS had not delivered the needed paperwork on time.  So now we wait another day.  Instant bummer... but its okay.  Maybe it is for the best.  We have tons to do today and are still signing the title and getting things switched over into our names like the water and electric.  So its all good.  Gives me a bit more time tonite to catch up on more things I wanted to get done before hand.

These were from yesterday when we went to look at storm doors and things like that.  Fun fun!

We went to sprint to get info on our internet provider and i played with their computer and put it on my etsy site, ha ha!

Then on our way home we got some yummy sandwiches at a local gas station.  Sounds gross, but they make them right there and were super yummy.  We took them down to the river to eat and met the cutest duck ever.  He really was adorable.  All of his fellow mates were pretty ugly I must admit.  And everytime we gave him a nibble of our bread, he wagged his tale so hard, it was hilarious and adorable!  I pretty much fell in love with a duck.

This was us excited this morning before we found out the bummer news.  Now we are off to sign some papers!